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Volunteer with Sloths and Many other Exotic Animals in Costa Rica 
Country Costa Rica
Accomodation Included
Weekly Donation $140 - $160

Project description

We offer our volunteers a unique experience to interact with many wild animals of Costa Rica, whilst supporting our conservation work. We work on a hands-on policy, meaning that direct contact with our animals is an important part of the work we do. Many of the animals that have come to us are orphaned or have gone through traumatic experiences and we believe that direct contact is fundamental for these animals to build a strong defence mechanism to face their future successfully. We are located in Puerto Viejo (Limon) and work on rescuing and rehabilitating many animals such as; Jaguars, Monkeys, Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds, Sloths, Raccoons and many more which we later release back into protected areas of the wild.

Volunteering with us

Weekly Donation $140 - $160
Minimum stay 2 Weeks

Volunteer activities

We believe that hands on care of our orphaned animals is important to their rehabilitation and increases their likelihood of successful reintroductions back into the wild our volunteers get to work close up and hands on with a variety of different species. Other routine tasks may include; maintenance of facilities, food preparation, training and observations within the rescue centre.

Volunteer requirements

Our volunteers must be over 18 and because of they will be working closely with our animals they need to have; Medical insurance, an up to date Tuberculosis test (as this could infect our primates) and a rabies vaccination. It is also useful for our volunteers to have a basic understanding of Spanish so that they can communicate with our local staff.

Extra Information

Fun for volunteer

Costa Rica is a truly beautiful and culture filled country with lots for our volunteers to see and do! Our location is also spectacular, particularly if you’re a fan of relaxing on the beach!

Living conditions

Although we do not offer accommodation here at the centre, there is nearby housing available for our volunteers around 4km from us which we can help you to arrange. The average cost of this is $15/night (which the Wildweb have included in the cost estimation to volunteer here).


Our nearest airport is named Juan Santamria in San Jose. From here there is a bus that leaves several times daily to take you to our local village. When arranging your volunteering here we can help you with further details about transport.

Our Mission

We are not a zoo, but rather a rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction of wild species center with the end goal of releasing the animals back into the wild. We also are developing an educational program for our surrounding communities which is fundamental for the future of conservation.

Internships opportunities

Cost Negotiable
Duration Negotiable


For those who want to learn how to work with animals and stay with us for a longer period of time, internship opportunities may be available. Those that are with us longer than regular volunteers will take on more responsibilities.

Research opportunities


We do not conduct our own research here but for scientists who want to conduct their own research projects, please get in touch and we can discuss with you whether or not this will be possible.

    Why we need donations and support

We do not receive any financial aid from government or institution agencies. Luckily we are able to keep our sanctuary going thanks to the generous donations from our visitors, volunteers and fellow animal lovers. Any contribution you can make will be greatly appreciated.

    What previous volunteers had to say

    Tiffany M , United States

" This is a beautiful place that rehabilitates animals and releases them back into the wild. The animals are amazing and much loved by all the staff. As a volunteer you can interact with the monkeys, however not everyone can interact with the sloths because their skin is very sensitive. Volunteering was an incredible experience that allowed me close contact with the animals and allowed me to meet incredible people from all over the world. I highly recommend this project for anyone who is looking for a place to visit and see local Costa Rican animals up close. Wish I could have stayed there instead of returning back home. Love and miss all the animals! "

    Alison & Toby , United Kingdom

" Anyone who knows me will immediately understand what an incredible experience this was. An. Absolute. Dream. Come. True. I was surrounded by and helping monkeys! Sloths! Baby monkeys! Baby sloths! Kinkajous! Toucans! Parrots! Owls! Snakes! Ok….maybe I wasn’t so thrilled about the snakes, but we volunteers didn’t get (have) to work with them anyway. So yeah….did I mention baby sloths?! For the duration of our volunteer stint, we rented a little flat directly across the street from the Caribbean Sea. We also rented a couple of old-style beach cruiser bikes with baskets on the front with which to commute to and from the project. The lifestyle we developed over the course of the two-week period was one that would be hard to duplicate anywhere else in the world. Our two weeks volunteering with wildlife on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica was an absolutely fantastic experience. Since we left we have recounted stories to each other about the animals we encountered and looked again and again at the photos and videos we took. And we have discussed the possibility of returning for a much longer stint. But South America and the rest of the world beckons! Still, when I look at pictures and videos of my beloved two-toed-sloth and I reflect on the slower-but-full-and-meaningful life we developed in just two weeks, I am strongly tempted to chuck in the rest of our trip and plant myself back in Costa Rica! "