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Volunteer with over 500 Monkeys in South Africa 
Country South Africa
Accomodation Included
Weekly Donation $200 - $250

Project description

We provide sanctuary for over 500 Monkeys and many volunteers who visit us say that we have changed their outlook on life entirely. Everyday at our project there is something to be a part of! Looking after orphaned baby monkeys, assisting with the care of sick/injured monkeys that come to us. Making observations, helping to integrate rehabilitated monkeys into our established troops. Animal welfare is of paramount importance to us, we are a member of PASA and meet the animal welfare standards of excellence set by GFAS.

Volunteering with us

Weekly Donation $200 - $250
Minimum stay 2 Weeks

Volunteer activities

A variety of activities are available at our project, for example; hands on care-giving of orphaned baby monkeys during baby season, nursing sick monkeys, monitoring monkeys around the sanctuary, food preparation, maintenance tasks, assisting with rehabilitation and reintroduction of new monkeys, helping to raise awareness and teach local schools in our educational outreach programme.

Volunteer requirements

A minimum age of 18 is required with a base level of physical fitness (the ability to walk around our 25 hectare sanctuary). But the most important thing is that our volunteers arrive with a will to work and help our project, so that we can better the lives of those in our care.

Extra Information

Fun for volunteer

Days off for our volunteers can be spent in town shopping or at the nearby lodge and spa. We also do regular trips to; waterfalls, scenic areas and canopy tours, hiking or quad biking can also be arranged. Furthermore guided tours to Kruger national park or Blyde River Canyon can also be arranged through our project.

Living conditions

We provide our volunteers with wooden cabins on site, which are usually shared between two (although private cabins are available for an additional fee). These cabins are located in our volunteer village, which has hot eco-showers and eco-toilets. Our volunteer village doesn't have electricity, but accessories can be charged up at our volunteer cottage which is also the main social area.


Our international volunteers typically fly to Oliver Tambo airport (near Johannesburg) and catch the Gautrain from the airport to Pretoria bus station. From there they take a coach to Tzaneen where we collect them from.

Our Mission

We provide sanctuary and the best quality of life possible to our 500 resident Monkeys and continue to rescue and rehabilitate those that come to us in need, which is often because of mistreatment from humans. We also continually educate the public about conservation, sustainable living and how to co-exist with the indigenous primates of South Africa.

Internships opportunities

Cost Negotiable
Duration Negotiable


Our long term volunteers/interns can learn more with us about the behaviour, husbandry and management of our monkeys. Some choose to come during our 'foster mother programme' which usually runs from November until March where they can help to care for orphaned baby monkeys, introduce them to a foster mother and integrate them into their new family within one of our established troops. Veterinary nurses are also welcome to help with the administration of medications and various other tasks in our sickbay. We are open to suggestions and flexible with our long term volunteers/interns to adapt to your strengths and interests.

Research opportunities


We offer Behavioural research opportunities, Parasitology, Faecal collection etc and are open to discuss any research projects that you may have in mind.

    Why we need donations and support

Our sanctuary is a registered Non-Profit organisation, therefore we rely solely on our volunteers and donations. Any type of donation can help our project. Monetary donations can help with; maintenance of our facilities, constructing enclosures, monkey food, medical supplies, vehicle costs, monkey rescues and more. Items such as; bunny water bottles, kitten nursing bottles, items for local schools, printing of literature, food supplements, heat lamps, hot water bottles, blankets and medicine are also needed. Please contact us if you have anything you would like to donate as we can use many items.

    What previous volunteers had to say

    Diane , United Kingdom

" I have just returned from this project in November, I was there for 2 weeks before moving onto Cape Town. I had the most FANTASTIC time there and am seriously depressed at being back home. If you are not adverse to some hard work in the hot sun then you will enjoy it - I am already trying to arrange to go back next year. I have met some amazing friends and Dave and Josie are just fantastic - i still miss the monkeys so much. "

     Ellie Markowski , United Kingdom

" My volunteering experience at this project was incredible! Initially I was only volunteering for three weeks but I extended to three months! I felt very welcome on arrival and settled nicely into the comfortable cabins I'd be staying in. The vegan food is fantastic and I'm very happy to say that I have kept up the vegan lifestyle after being educated about the meat & dairy industry. Where to start with the monkeys... I was lucky enough to volunteer during baby season and loved it!! However, my favorite part was watching an orphaned baby bond with one of the foundations foster mums. To then watch them be accepted into a whole troop is just beautiful to watch! There is so much to get stuck into here. You can take the time to learn different troops and then help with integration of new monkeys. You get to know what forage monkeys prefer and what food to prepare at AM plates. There is never a dull moment!South Africa is a beautiful country and I made some great friends! There was a perfect mix of work and chill out time. I could watch those monkeys all day and now I am very much looking forward to when I can return! "

    Steven Dawson , United Kingdom

" The perfect place to find the true African experience! From the intriguing emotions and intelligence Vervet monkeys to hilarious evenings spent with volunteers from every corner of the globe, this project is one of a kind! Not only do you have the lush Limpopo landscape to enjoy coupled with equatorial temperatures but great company and wildlife in abundance! You will be carrying out frontline conservation directly protecting and rehabilitating Vervet Monkeys, you may see the release of a rehabilitated monkey or be a foster mum to orphaned babies. You will gain a wealth of knowledge in animal management and behaviour, not to mention how to eat and live ethically. Leaving here you will have made lifelong memories and friends I guarantee it! "

    Sammy S , United States

" I Stayed at this project for two weeks, it was an adventure of a lifetime. Honestly thought I would struggle with a vegan lifestyle but was amazed how fresh and how much choice there was. Had a great trip to Kruger park organised by the owners themselves. Great atmosphere great people and a real chance to explore, socialize and a deeper understanding for animal welfare. "