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Volunteer and Learn Spanish in Ecuador at our Wildlife Rescue Center 
Country Ecuador
Accomodation Included
Weekly Donation $140 - $160

Project description

Come and volunteer at our beautiful wildlife rescue centre, located on a scenic mountain top in Northern Ecuador! You will be staying with a local host family (a great way to improve your Spanish) and be working alongside us in caring for our many residents.

Volunteering with us

Weekly Donation $140 - $160
Minimum stay 1 Week

Volunteer activities

Our volunteers get involved with many different activities to do with the running of our centre, for example; Food preparation/feeding, maintenance of facilities, enrichment, caring for our animals, showing round visitors.

Volunteer requirements

At least a base level of Spanish will be useful here, as some of our workers don't speak very good English. It can also get quite hot during the day time in Ecuador and many of the tasks you will be doing are physical in some way. So a moderate level of fitness, Spanish and a love of animals is all that's required!

Extra Information

Fun for volunteer

Our volunteers usually have 2 entire days per week which they can spend socialising with other volunteers. There are also many things to see and do in our local town of Ibarra.

Living conditions

You will be staying with one of our Ecuadorian host family's, which is an experience in itself and a great way to improve your Spanish! You will have your own room with shared bathroom facilities and your host family will cook 3 meals a day for you.


Typically our volunteers fly to Quito airport and then take one bus to Carcelen and a connecting bus straight to Ibarra. From there we will pick you up and take you to our sanctuary and your host family. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with all the details regarding transport too and from our sanctuary.

Our Mission

Here we aim to provide sanctuary to animals that are brought to us or that we rescue from our local area. Many of our animals have been rescued from the illegal wildlife trade or were previously pets who have been mistreated by their owners. We also work alongside local authority's to prevent the illegal trade of wildlife.

Internships opportunities

Cost Negotiable
Duration Negotiable


We are open to discuss internships and significant discounts are available for those that choose to stay with us longer than one month. Get in contact with us for details!

Research opportunities


No Research opportunities currently available

    Why we need donations and support

All our funding to support our wildlife centre is generated from our volunteers and donations so we need all the help we can get. Any funding we receive goes straight into the sanctuary to improve our facilities and feed all of our hungry residents.