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  • Trip Planning

    Do you want to Travel and Volunteering Abroad but dont know where to start?

    With our Trip planning service we assign you one of our travel experts who helps you every step of the way, with all your arrangements.

    Contact us today to arrange a free online consultation to discuss how we can help you!

  • 5 Reasons to choose us

    1) Save thousands in fees compared to traditional Volunteer Organisations or Travel Agents

    2) We tailor make trips for YOU, taking into account your skills, interests and travel experience

    3) We cater for all types of travellers, from Budget Gap years to Luxury breaks

    4) Our Trip planners help you Every step of the way and have volunteered all over the world

    5) We have access to 89 international volunteer projects, which is more than any other organisation

  • What can be Included in our Trip Planning Service?

    • Consultations with our Trip Planners; on the phone, on Skype or over Email

    • Expert Advice and Guidance in choosing the right Volunteer Project(s) for you

    • Volunteering Arrangements Organised for you

    • Discount Flights Arranged for you

    • Discount Travel Insurance Arranged for you

    • Detailed Budget Planning and Advice

    • Tailor made planning for; Transportation, Accommodation, Tourism and more

    • Advice and Guidance on Visa Acquisition

    • Ongoing Support whilst Volunteering and Travelling

  • How it works

    Step 1) Contact us for a free consultation about your trip!

    Send an email to tripplanning@thewildweb.org and let us know where you are thinking of volunteering abroad or travelling to and what you need help with. We can then arrange one of our trip planners to speak to you in more detail over the phone , Skype or Email.

    Step 2) After your Consultation fill out our Trip Planning form.

    Fill out This Form which should take about 10-15 minutes and gives us some details about what kind of trip you want to go on so we can make sure that we can plan it perfectly for you!

    Step 3) Join the Wildweb

    Once you have spoken to us about your trip and filled in our form we ask that you join the wildweb which costs £29.99 for 12 months access to our network. This means that you will be able to contact any of our projects directly, you will be part of our community and we can get start planning your trip!

    Step 4) Receive your Trip overview with Cost Estimations

    We will then send you an overview of your trip plan with rough cost estimations, you can then discuss with us anything you would like to add or change about it. This will include a quote for our Trip Planning Fee which varies depending on how much time we will need to spend planning your trip.

    Step 5) Pay 20% of your Trip Planning Fee

    When you and your Trip Planner are happy with your Trip overview, we then ask for 20% of your planning fee (which we will have discussed with you in Step 4).

    Step 6) Receive a Fully Detailed Plan of your Entire Trip

    We will then work with you to come up with a thoroughly detailed and well thought out plan of everything from your daily budget to your travel itinerary and volunteering arrangements.

    Step 7) Pay 60% of your Trip Planning Fee

    When you and your Trip Planner are happy with the precise details of your itinerary, we then ask for 60% of your Trip planning fee (Which we will have discussed with you in Step 4).

    Step 8) Together with your Trip Planner, Start booking your Trip!

    Now that you have all the information you need, together with Trip Planner you can start booking each aspect of your trip, from the Volunteer Project to the flights!

    Step 9) Pay the Final 20% of your Trip Planning Fee

    Once all the aspects of your trip are booked and ready. we then ask for you to pay final 20% of your Trip planning fee (Which we will have discussed with you in Step 4).

    Step 10) Go on the Trip of a Lifetime and receive ongoing support from your Trip Planner

    Now that everything is planned, booked and ready, it’s time for you to go on the Trip of a Lifetime! With ongoing support from your Trip planner in case you need any more help whilst travelling.