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Wildweb is a community of animal lovers, conservationists and travellers who are dedicated to supporting International Wildlife Conservation.

We do this through volunteering, donating and finding other ways to support projects that are saving the lives of animals every single day.

Please find below a few ways in which you can join us in supporting international wildlife conservation.

Our network gives you the ability to make a difference by sharing your own time as a volunteer.

  • Do you know of a wildlife project or sanctuary that needs support?

    If so please let us know asap, we are constantly growing and always welcome more projects to our network. Get started by completing this application form Flights and a member of our team will be in touch so we can get a profile created for you on our website.

    Are you following us on social media?

    Find us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know which of our projects you would most like to visit and why. Please share our pages with fellow animals lovers, it will go along way in helping us to help these amazing projects.

    Have you checked out our wildlife conservation clothing brand?

    Visit Wildweb.shop and have a look at our ethical clothing for animal lovers. We created this clothing brand specifically to provide another way for our community to support the projects and wildlife that they love. Every item of clothing is created in association with one of our projects, who receives a donation with every purchase.

    Do you want to know more?

    Feel free to send us an email on support@thewildweb.org with any questions, thoughts or suggestions you might have - we are always happy to hear from fellow animal lovers!